The dream of home ownership has instilled in us our entire lives. But after the housing crash of 2008, people are starting to see things through a different lens.

The True Cost of owning your home adds up. Taxes, repairs and mortgage payments equal much more than a rent check.

Renting on the other hand had more restrictions and rules to follow which is a deterrent for many. Balance that with less responsibility as a renter, the ability to call the landlord when something goes wrong and it looks like renting is a better choice.

Buying your home can be a good investment. Especially if you purchase a multi-unit home and occupy one of the units while renting out the others.

If you are a person who moves around a lot for work or for pleasure, you may want to consider the cost of buying and selling a home and be sure it is really worth your investment.

It comes down to what the market is doing in your area, the price to rent ratio and your own personal situation.