Little Things Mean a lot

There are several important things to review before putting your home on the market.

  • Make sure the home is not overgrown, lawns and bushes will cause your home to stand out- not in a good way.
  • Make sure your home is clean, even if you need to hire a cleaning service.
  • A sunny room makes your house feel larger, make sure it is uncluttered and organized.
  • Replace and update, old wallpaper, light fixtures, broker features such as ceiling fans
  • Make your home as energy efficient as possible
  • Making these changes will add dollar signs to the value of your home.

Things Buyers Should Never Compromise On

Buyers should consider the floor plan, it is difficult and expensive to reconfigure a home’s floor plan.  If the home doesn’t have the minimum number of rooms or flow of the living area you should cross it off your list.

You should pay attention to the condition of the neighboring homes.  Not only do you have to live with your neighbors on a daily basis, but they can affect your home’s future value.

Consider all expenses, monthly mortgage payments, utility costs, and real estate taxes, beyond the list price to make sure you are financially comfortable.

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